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The New Intuitive WEA Website

At WEA, we have always led our industry in the adoption and application of technology. We were first to implement a fully integrated network computing system, scanning technology, cloud technology, e-signatures and paperless filing, among other innovations to help better serve clients and our agents. We continue to ask ourselves: Can the technologies we use and how we use them help our clients buy and sell luxury real estate?

With this mindset we approached the design of the new WEA website. We explored and enlisted some of the best and brightest in technology, graphic design and content. Rather than use a template website design, we took the time to evaluate website and technology use across a broad range of industries including entertainment, media, luxury brands and retail.

Designing the new WEA website, we paid attention to each and every finite detail. This was done with WEA’s direction and direct involvement every step of the way. While most websites stuff pages with copy and endless scrolling to appease Google search engines, we looked at it the way Apple might and aimed to create a clean, simple and intuitive website experience with the end user in mind. We leveraged analytics and data to learn what technologies our customers and prospective customers use as we made design decisions. More than 90% of WEA site visitors use Apple devices, with Chrome and Safari the top browsers.

Our website content efforts are focused on the singular goal of helping our clients make decisions about luxury real estate. As you visit our agent pages, you’ll get a sense of who they are as people and how they sell real estate. We trust that our clients will have confidence that WEA’s agents are experienced and capable.

Most of all, we aimed to get people excited about luxury real estate within our key markets, and our listings, showcasing the splendor and beauty of the homes we offer at WEA.

It is with this same care, attention to detail, innovation and intuitiveness that we approach every home we buy and sell for clients. Given this, it is not a surprise that we did the same with WEA’s new website and our approach and use of technologies. We hope you’ll visit the new website at WEA again to see our listings and more.

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