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Recently I needed a new keyboard for my Mac computer. But didn’t have the time to go to the Apple store, park, wait for help, etc. I opened my “Prime Now” app on my phone and ordered a new keyboard at 11AM. The keyboard was delivered at 11:30AM with the only additional charge being a $6 tip for the driver. This is incredible. Why go to a store if you know what you want and you can get it in an hour, day or two days.

But real estate? That’s another issue. At the price ranges we trade in, every buyer wants to see, touch and feel. You need to see all the rooms, the garden, the privacy, the neighbors, etc. So much to consider, that you can’t see with photos or video. A house is definitely not a keyboard. The quality real estate agent is irreplaceable.

Same with the large conglomerate companies invading the market. No matter how many offices open, the number of transactions remain the same. More offices do not mean more transactions. They say they’re “different” when in fact they aren’t. Recently a new company opened. It hired a manager from a large competitor. That competitor then hired a manager from another invader. Sounds like re-treading coaches in the NBA. These companies have out-of-the-region corporate offices whose goal is to build gross income and increase stock prices. It has little to do with the client. The local companies do not operate like this. We know our clients, and make decisions based singularly with their best interest.

The large conglomerates say they use new technology, but this is rarely true. Their websites are hard to navigate, with content to benefit search engines. By comparison, www.weahomes.com is an innovative, easily accessible website designed to find homes. We keep a pulse on tech (not just real estate tech), and we can move in a second to implement any changes needed. Competitors cannot. We sell homes for people to live in, we use technology to best sell homes for people, and we do it better than the rest. Try us. www.weahomes.com

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