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The Most Expensive Property Ever Listed In Beverly Hills

The most expensive property ever listed in the luxurious Beverly Hills just went on the market this past week for a staggering $1 billion–before construction. This property, referred to as The Mountain of Beverly Hills, is a 157-acre compound of semi-developed land that offers panoramic views of Los Angeles. Currently, this massive plot boasts acres of green, manicured grass, a security gate, aggregate stone roads, a cobblestone drive, gorgeous landscaping and lighting, and a water sculpture garden. The proud buyer of this plot will need to bring with them an architect and a vision to turn The Mountain of Beverly Hills into a compound that features unfathomably lavish amenities.

The Mountain of Beverly Hills

With 1.5 million square feet of sprawling land, The Mountain of Beverly Hills is nearly twice the size of Disneyland, topping one of the largest estates in Bel Air–The One. The One is a $500 million estate that boasts 100,000-square feet, 20 bedrooms, and prime luxury. However, the listing agent of The Mountain of Beverly Hills believes that this immense plot could fit approximately eight of The One properties and still have room to spare; 125 acres to be exact (source).

In addition to its plentiful acreage, The Mountain of Beverly Hills is considered to be one of the most secure areas due to the large 16-foot-tall and 30-foot-wide custom security gate installed at the base of the property. Of course, this is without any additional security protocols that the buyer may implement upon construction. Additionally, with its impressive elevation, surrounding ‘neighbors’ are miles away and certainly won’t be able to see much even with the strongest pair of binoculars. Even the paparazzi will have difficulty in getting a glimpse of this area without the help of a helicopter. If that’s the case, The Mountain of Beverly Hills will be every Hollywood-elite’s and high-authority personnel’s dreamland of private sanctuary.

A Plot of Possibilities

Since this plot is an open canvas for future buyers, real estate officials are interested to see what will be constructed there in the coming months. The listing agent of this spectacular plot, Aaron Kirman, explains, “If the buyer wants to build a theme park as massive as Disneyland, they can, with over 100 acres to spare. You can truly create your own kingdom…our likely buyer for this property is an individual who wants to build his or her own compound. This is the only opportunity to own your own mountain that looks down at all of Los Angeles” (source).

Currently, The Mountain of Beverly Hills includes 17 ‘football field-sized’ plots of land, 6 of which are below the highest elevated areas. Each plot ranges from 2.7 to 12.2 acres and are zoned for residential building. Due to the size of the compound and a grandfather clause, the buyer will be allowed to construct dwellings 12 feet higher than the current codes (48 feet tall). For now, only time will tell what will be built upon The Mountain of Beverly Hills.

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